Surviving Twenty Something


The Mindful Mag is a beautiful, full colour extension of Surviving Twenty Something, with exclusive articles, how-tos, and recipes for the millennial who wants to ditch fear, burst out of an unfulfilling status quo, and live with intention and joy every day.



"Equal parts beautiful and inspiring. Can't think of a more perfect morning!"

Breanne Rushing

"Just finished The Mindful Mag. Oh. My. God. I learned so much!"

Kelly Spence


Featured in this edition:

[ 60 full-colour pages, including 2 recipes ]


  • why seeking value is more productive than seeking success
  • conquering fear in the workplace
  • money talks: defeating scarcity mindset while you're young
  • 10 fiery and thought-provoking Summer reading recommendations
  • how to beat joy-sucking jealousy
  • my freelance story: what working for myself taught me
  • The easiest, most tastiest Maple-Blueberry Almond Granola, really.™