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Why You Should Blog in University

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Yeah, like I don't have enough to be doing already, right?

Some thoughts you may be having on blogging:

  • aren't there like, 153 million of them?
  • Doesn't my mum's friend from the gym have one?
  • Do people even still do this?

They do, and for good reason! I started my first blog years ago now, when I was heading towards the end of my undergraduate degree. I was stressed, scared of being stuck in a dead-end job, and generally curious what might happen (more than likely I would simply join the millions of dead blogs out there within a few months). I was looking for a way out.

The good news is that there are so many positive reasons why you should start blogging in university— whether you're actually blogging about the same topic as your degree, or something entirely unrelated is up to you!

Here's why.

1. Time management

Believe it or not, a challenge to your time management skills is a good thing. You may be busy in university, but busy does not necessarily equal productive. In fact, I have always found that the more I have on my schedule, the more I can do because I have no choice but to just do it. Procrastination is not even an option. You find our really quickly what matters to you the most, where you're wasting time in your life and where you want to spend your free time. Adding a blog into your schedule and figuring out how to actually get everything done without losing your mind is what will actually get your more free time.

What would you rather be doing? Spending 7 hours writing a paper while also endlessly scrolling Facebook looking for a way out, or, spending three hours writing a paper, and four hours making an amazing supper, sitting outside, hanging out with friends, doing yoga, reading a book, or doing whatever it is that sets your heart aglow.


2. Learning

But I'm in school to learn, surely I'm already learning enough? Very true, but blogging will give you a different kind of learning experience. Whether it's pushing yourself to find something to share with your audience, blasting through a new recipe, or figure out exactly what you think about a subject you had never really explore before, blogging will allow you to learn in a way that guided higher education never well.

It's where you can explore exactly what you are most interested in 100% of the time, and find other people who love the same things.


3. Building community

Speaking of other people, a blog is an amazing way to build community. Writing a blog will help you find people who love the exact same weird shit you do, whether that's antique makeup, book-binding, triathlon, herb gardening, burlesque dancing or tarot. Your people are out there, and blogging will help you find them in a way that a typical university setting, well, just might not. 

It's also a great way to get outside your friend group. If you're going to university in your home town, there is a good chance that you are now in post-secondary with the same people you went to high school with, and maybe elementary school before that. It's almost always a good idea to branch out, meet people outside your social circle, with different interests, different cultures and daily lives, people who may challenge you and help you grow as a person.


4. Business know-how

Running a blog can be a lot like running a business— in fact, if you're pretty good at this blogging thing, it can be a business (I'm not going to talk about this a whole lot here, but if you're interested in how to start a blog, you can check out some relevant blog posts here). When I started out blogging, I had no experience. I didn't buy a guide, I didn't know what I was doing, and it took me an awful long time to build a successful business— but I also did it on my own. I've never been to business school (English major) and I've never taken any kind of business courses, but through self-teaching and lots of exploring, I now run two blogs, and a successful business. 

With the way the job market is going, it's very very good idea to get some business know-how under your belt— these skills will serve you extremely well whether you work for a typical company, freelance, or dive into starting your own business. Plus, working for yourself, setting your own scheduling, and doing what you love very single day is ridiculously fulfilling and awesome.


5. It's actually fun

Yeah, it's fun! Writing about and getting to do what you love on a weekly (or more) basis is seriously fantastic. Writing blog posts can be fun, getting to try out new recipes, DIY projects, or explore topics you are interested is great. Talking to people you have tons in common with online is a great way to develop friendships you would have never expected, and developing your brand and website, you got it, can even be really exciting.

Have you been convinced yet?


If you were to start a blog, what would it be? Let me know in the comments below! If you have a blog, leave a link!

p.s. I write about blogging and business over here on my design business website. Check it out! :) 


Why you should be blogging in university: how running a blog can help you get a job, manage your time like a boss, and find your people.