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24 Ways to Bring Simplicity to Your Life

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24 Ways to Bring Simplicity to Your Life

Sometimes, life can get a little crazy— even when it's good.

It's pretty easy to get swept up in the fast-paced rhythm of work, school, and social obligations, and forget that sometimes we need to pull back for a moment, breathe, and find simplicity. As someone who runs two different blogs as well as a business, I know the feeling only too well. Here are a neat two dozen ways that I bring more simplicity into my life when things get a little out of hand.

  1. Garden
  2. Find out what plants and animals live in your yard or neighbourhood
  3. Make a mindful cup of tea
  4. Declutter
  5. Write a letter to a friend
  6. Bake bread
  7. Picnic in the park
  8. Take an evening walk
  9. Unplug for the day
  10. Bike to work (or go really big and sell your car)
  11. Get farmer's market groceries
  12. Go berry-picking
  13. Then make jam
  14. Give a handmade gift
  15. Donate things you never use
  16. Meditate
  17. Listen to an audiobook
  18. Learn to sketch
  19. Plan your day with paper
  20. Journal
  21. Start a morning/evening yoga routine
  22. Accept yourself
  23. Simplify your beauty-product stash
  24. Practise daily gratitude

What are your favourite ways to simplify? Let us all know in the comments!


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24 Ways to Bring Simplicity Into Your Life: Life can get a little crazy sometimes when it comes to work, school, and social obligations. Here's how I bring a little sanity and simplicity back into the mix.