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How You Know You're Ready for Minimalism

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If you're here, you've probably been hearing about minimalism for a while now and it's starting to sound pretty good.

Less stress, more joy.

Less stuff, more space.

Less work, more time.

Less confusion, more understanding.

More of what matters.

We've been confused for a long time now by media, advertising, by big companies telling us what we need to make our lives better so they make a profit. But the thing is, we know exactly what we need to survive, and to be unapologetically happy if we only take a moment to pause and to listen to our gut.

But making the jump can be scary. Often our lives are nearly inextricably tangled up with compulsive consumerism, and we face pressure from our friends, our family, and society in general to conform to the societal norms. However, when we dig in, we see that minimalism isn't as extreme as we would be lead to think— in fact, it's perfectly natural.

Here's how you know you're ready to bring minimalism into your life:

1. You're tired of being owned by your possessions

Do you find yourself spending way too much time cleaning and organising and not nearly enough time doing the stuff you love— the stuff you say you want to do, but never have time for? Downsizing and minimizing is for you. The fewer items you own, the less time you have to spend tending to them and the more time you have for the things that really matter. 

Have you put off doing something you know would bring you joy like making art or cooking a meal with your family because you know you have to get through the clutter first? You're not the only one.


2. you're ready for more freedom

Maybe you've thought about taking an impromptu trip, selling your belongings, or spending the year road-tripping around the country in an RV— either way, it's hard to have this kind of freedom when you're tied down to your belongings. If you're saying no to chasing your dreams because you need to babysit your stuff or you can't even fathom packing up and moving, it's time to start on the path toward minimalism. 


3. you want to work less

We've been fed a story by advertisers: if we buy more things, we will feel more happy, more fulfilled. The cumulative effect of all of these things will somehow add up to joy and satisfaction. So what do we do? We work more to be able to afford a constantly inflating lifestyle, all the while discovering that we're stressed out and unhappy at our jobs and we're not enjoying all the crap we bought anyway. The solution? Downsize, and work less. When you're living on a well-thought-out budget and you're not buying compulsively, you don't need to work as much, so you have way more time for the stuff you love doing— and way more energy to do it.


4. you understand where your joy comes from

You may be at the stage already where you know what you want and you're ready to go for it— but you're not quite sure how to get there. In fact, that's where most people are who take my free course. You know it's not the stuff you have that brings you true happiness, but you still find yourself craving the high that comes from a new purchase, still thinking about how your stuff affects your life and what it says about you to other people— I get it, and I struggle with this one too. As you progress on your minimalist journey it will become easier and easier to see what really matters, whose opinions matters, and how you can bring the most joy into your life.


5. you're open and willing to try something new

The journey to minimalism and mindful living isn't always easy— but it is always exciting, and always eye-opening. The more you are willing to try something new, open your mind to viewpoints with which you are not familiar and take risks, the more you will find yourself learning, growing, and becoming a better more mindful person each day, able to find and appreciate the little things in all of our lives.

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Chances are you've been hearing about minimalism lately, whether it's in a blog, a book, or from your friends (who all seem suspiciously happy). But how do you know if you're ready to start your journey toward a more mindful minimalist lifestyle? Here are 5 ways you'll know.