Surviving Twenty Something

20 Ways You Can Have An Awesome Day For Free

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So you're on a tight budget— saving up for college, saving for early retirement (holla!) or paying down student debt (I'm in that bucket, too).

Going out for expensive dinners, globe-trotting adventures, and redecorating your house are out of the question, but you still gotta have a good time, right?

Here are 20 of my favourite ways to bring a little something into my day when dropping bills just isn't an option.

  1. Learn a new language with Duolingo
  2. Have a picnic
  3. Host a potluck dinner
  4. Reread a favourite series (or, read one of my suggestions)
  5. Have a boardgame night
  6. Film your day— make an artsy video
  7. Learn how to draw or handletter
  8. Check out a local festival or farmer's market
  9. Go geocaching
  10. Join a random Meetup and meet someone new
  11. Make a list of dreamy Big Goals
  12. Learn to code 
  13. Try a new recipe
  14. Host a bocce ball tournament or, if it's Winter, build a snow fort
  15. Eat dessert in the bath with your favourite show
  16. Learn how to read Tarot cards 
  17. Pick up garbage/volunteer to clean up a beach or park area after a festival
  18. Go for a run (Couch to 5k!)
  19. Start a blog and track your progress as you explore something new
  20. Check out a local museum or exhibition at a nearby university

What are your favourite things to do on a zero-dollar budget? Let us know in the comments!


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Not sure what to do for fun and fulfillment when you're on a tight budget? Here are 20 ways you can make your day shine for exactly zero dollars.