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11 Booktubers to Bingewatch

BooksJordanna Rowan

There's no doubt about it: when I'm supposed to be working and I'm not, I tend to sidle over to one corner of the internet in particular— Booktube. Yes, Booktube: a magical, cozy, lovely part of the Youtube universe where the discussions are passionate and kind, and the comment sections a little less nausea-inducing than your average Youtube video. 

In fact, I could loose hours here. (Sorry, did I say could?) Here are some of my favourite Booktubers that I come back to again and again when I'm in need of a recommendation, a cheer up, or whether or not I just want to see if someone has hated a recent release as much as I have.


1. Jen Campbell

Jen Campbell has always been one of my favourite Youtubers, and I get a little thrill of joy every time I see a new video has been uploaded (which is usually a couple of times a week). If you're into literary fiction, fantasy, folk and fairy tales, and unique non-fiction, Jen's your gal. You'll also find occasional life updates, opinion pieces about current issues, and discussions about difference and disability. She's also the author of: The Beginning of the World in the Middle of the NightThe Bookshop BookWeird Things Customers Say in Bookshops, and Franklin's Flying Bookshop.


2. booksandquills

Sanne is one of the most well-known Youtubers, and is Dutch gal living in London, working in publishing. She's a great all-round reader who enjoys classics, sci-fi, fantasy, dystopian novels (she hosts a book club called 'The End of the World Book Club'), graphic novels, YA, and contemporary literary fiction. On her channel you'll find book reviews and hauls, videos about language, publishing, lifestyle, and travel (but mostly books).


3. Jean Bookishthoughts

Jean is a Scottish Booktuber currently living in London for her PhD. You'll find videos about literature, history, studying, and feminism. If you're into non-fiction (history, social issues), poetry, classical literature (think Greek and Roman lit), fantasy, and contemporary literary fiction, Jean's your gal.


4. Ariel Bissett

Ariel Bissett is a Canadian Youtuber, writer, and podcaster. Bissett shares videos on writing, books, and university, and if you like YA, classics, books about books and writing, and poetry, check out Bissett's channel (and dedicate the next three hours of your life to falling down a Booktube hole).


5. MercysBookishMusings

A well-rounded reader, if you're looking for on-point, always honest reviews, Mercedes is the Booktuber to check out. Hailing from the UK, Mercedes reviews and discusses books ranging from non-fiction (social issues, history), contemporary literary fiction, fantasy, and graphic novels, a few times a month. 


6. Reads and Daydreams

Lauren is a Booktuber from London (do they all live in London?), who publishes a couple videos a week on books (reading wrap-ups, hauls, reviews, TBRs, favourites), travelling, and starting a Youtube channel. If you like reading literary fiction, classics (Shakespeare), and short stories with a touch of fantasy and non-fiction (feminism), give Lauren's channel a try!


7. ReadingBukowski

Claire is an MA literature student living in London who has been on Youtube sharing videos about books, travel, and lifestyle, for the past five years. On Claire's channel you'll find discussions about classics (18th and 19th century lit), contemporary literary fiction, literary criticism, and feminism. If that's your jam, head over to Claire's channel!


8. PeruseProject

When you see a video from Regan, you'll never forget it. With a quirky, infectious personality, Regan hailed from the US and has been making Booktube videos for over 4 years. If you love fantasy, sci-fi, YA and a touch of literary fiction, run yourself over to her channel and get to work— I guarantee you'll find a new favourite.


9. emmmabooks

Emma is an avid reader from New York who is a die-hard for everything YA and has made over 400 videos thus far. On her channel you'll find book hauls, reviews, unboxings, literary discussions, tips for Booktubers, and author interviews. If you love YA, especially fantasy and ongoing series, this is the channel for you (also, Shadowhunters fans, yes).


10. jessethereader

A MALE. Yeah, men are a bit rare in the Booktube community, but I've done my best to include a few here on this list. Jesse is a Booktuber from the US who has been making videos for over five years. On Jesse's channel you'll see book reviews, reading roundups, unboxings, as well as book tags and general reading-related videos. If you like reading fantasy, YA, graphic novels, and manga, then this might be the channel for you!


11. WellDoneBooks

Max over at WellDoneBooks shares book reviews, book tags, and discussions on all thnigs book-related a few times a month (although he has recently come back from quite a long hiatus). If you like classics, modern literary fiction, and the occasional fantasy or mystery read with a thoughtful and laid-back style, you'll love this channel.