Surviving Twenty Something


Hey! I'm Jordanna.


  • Married with cat (Samwise, pictured below).
  • I try to read 100+ books a year.
  • I dream of more tattoos (current count: 4).
  • I hate artichokes, but I could eat an entire cantaloupe in one sitting.
  • I started high school at 12.
  • I actually belong in Scotland.
  • I once tried to learn Norwegian ("Alle mennene i Norge har lilla slips!").
  • Having my photo taken makes me want to vomit, but I'm working on it.
  • I don't own a cellphone. Seriously.
  • I dream of: dancing around a bonfire under the stars, seeing the northern lights, publishing a novel, rocking scorpion pose, hugging Stephen Fry, and having at least one backyard goat.

    I also design brands and websites for creative business owners with a wild side over at Wolf & Wild Digital Design Co.

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